Students Engagement

The students were practicing the Chinese & Egyptian dance for the opening of their Summative Task Assessment in the unit “Where We Are in Place and Time”

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Field Trip to National Museum


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Health Fair

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Literacy and Internationalism Week

(Costume Parade)

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Guest Speaker – Doc. Marissa (School Doctor)


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The students explored fraction. They brought fruits from home and showed their prior knowlegde about fraction by cutting them using their ruler. They had fun and enjoyed this activity.
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The class is divided into five groups and assigned with a particular food group. (Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Meat and Dairy) They gave important information, the benefits they get from it and some examples.
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Children made a playscript and showed a role play. They were assessed according to their Body Language, Eye Contact, Introduction and Closure, Poise and Voice.

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Tuning In activity: Gallery walk to the MS / HS. Mr Patrick discussed the importance of arts in our life. He also explained the significance and connection of the artist’s choice of color and subject which play a big role in  expressing their ideas, feelings and emotions.

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Students worked cooperatively on their assigned task. They made a research on the three forms of arts – Performing, Literary and Visual Arts. They presented information about it, mentioned some famous artists and their masterpieces and its connection to people and to the environment.

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Field Trip to Museum Wayang (puppet) & Museum Keramik (Ceramics)




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